Monday, August 29, 2011

Marker Monday - Six Pack Plastic Thingy Art

I had a college art professor that gave me really good advice. 
When you are stuck creatively and you need to shake things up a bit, create an artistic problem for yourself. 

I've been in a bit of a funk for Yahoo projects so decided to follow his advice. 

Being inspired by the recycled art show, I found three six pack can holders and decided to come up with three different things to do with them. 

Project #1 - The Weave 

Using cardboard as a frame (more recycling) I poked holes around the hole with toothpicks and suspended the plastic with string. 

Then Yahoo and I jumped in the craft box and started "weaving" things back and forth through the many holes. If I can get Yahoo interested we just might get the cardboard frame painted sometime. 

Project #2 - The Rubbing

This a great preschool project since that age is more concerned with artistic process than product. 
I hot glued the plastic to another piece of cardboard and used the side of a crayon to produce a rubbing. I realized too late that the corrugation showed through on my rubbing. That's alright but next time I'll glue the plastic holder to a smooth cereal box instead. 

Two plastic thingies down, one to go. 

Project #3 - The Flower

I spray painted the plastic thingy with red spray paint.

Then I used a bamboo skewer to poke through the plastic and gathered it up in a bloom. Then I cut out green leaves from a cracker box and added a button for the center of the flower.

Three plastic can holders and three different projects.
Fun! Now, what should I recycle next? I need a new challenge. What are your suggestions?


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