Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sunny and Warm Winter Destination?? Kansas!!

It's been warm here in Kansas lately....unbelievably warm.

So warm in fact, I am constantly checking the validity of my calendar.

It's December? Are you sure?

This pics were taken just a couple days ago when the high was 63 degrees! Wow! I can't hardly believe Kansas has been so nice to me lately. Of course all the locals are telling me how odd this weather is.

"This is not normal!" they all declare.

I'm just hoping the weather won't turn on me and hand me a blizzard when we drive home to Indiana next week for Christmas!

I've driven through Christmas blizzards before...not fun! (Ohio, 2004...blech!)

Even though it was really nice sending the kids outside to play without a coat, in the middle of December, I have to admit I really miss snow and cold weather. It just doesn't seem like the Christmas season at all without a bit of a chill in the air.
Yeah, winter is usually cold and windy and hard to drive in but I know how much my kids and I love playing in the snow. Maybe if we are lucky we'll get enough snow for a snowball before winter is over.

But I shouldn't complain one way or another should I? The kids are having fun and my furnace isn't running.

Indiana has been covered in snow with temps in the teens for the last couple weeks. Anyone want to trade homes for a while? Kansas warmth for snow?

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  1. I'm watching a blizzard from my livingroom window right now, sure I'll trade!


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