Thursday, December 9, 2010

Photo Thursday - Using a Flash Outside

The day after Thanksgiving was bright and fairly warm here in Kansas so the kids, Mountain Man and I took advantage of it and played at the park. The only problem I have with the Kansas sky is sometimes the light can be too bright. A lot of times the only chance I have to takes pics of my kids is during the afternoon when the bright sun is overhead creating strong shadows on their faces.

As I was taking photos most were turning out like this one. Yip has dark shadows down the front of his shirt and shadows on his face cast by his hat. I wasn't going for a pic of my kid where I couldn't see his face!

I moved a bit closer and turned on the flash....much better!

I'm all for cowboy hats but they can create some harsh shadows. In this shot of Mountain Man I used a flash but I was too far away and there was still more of a shadow than I would have liked.
A flash outside just won't work to get rid of shadows unless you are close to your subject.
Get a bit closer....*flash*....ah, there you are Mountain Man! Nice to see that handsome mug of yours!

My men and their hats make funky shadows but Yap had to go and play in a shadow! Work with me kid!!
Again, move closer, *flash*...voila, my handsome boy!
Finally! I've become victorious over the bright sky and hat shadows! Yay!


  1. I discovered this on the beach of all places! Great pics!

  2. The first time I learned about fill flash I was like "what? why?" but it really can make a huge difference. Great photos!


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