Monday, December 6, 2010

Marker Monday - Gingerbread Houses with Kids

The kids and I decorated gingerbread houses last week. So much fun! They turned out so well too. I love doing art projects with my kids....probably more than they do!

And boy, all the Halloween candy I stashed in the freezer, plus a bag of mini marshmallows, really came in handy.

I wisened up this year too. Instead of relying on icing to hold the graham crackers together I hot glued everything together first. Thanks for that little tip follower Jester5. Six graham crackers total for each gingerbread house.

After a bit of a Yahoo temper tantrum when I refused to let her eat any more candy, she became a happy and willing helper for Yip. Yip was gracious too and allowed her to stick candy wherever she wanted. Those rare occasions when my kids get along really well is absolute heaven!

Yap deep in concentration on his creative masterpiece.
I really expected the boys to eat tons of candy as they worked but I was surprised. They were so intent on their work they barely ate any.

The gingerbread houses worked out so well that if I had the room I'd make more. As it is I'm running out of shelf space for the Christmas decorations I have out already.


  1. We were the Jester5 when I gave you that tip. Completely forgot about that till I read this post. However, remember we are now the Jester6. :) hahaha

  2. GLUE!!!!! AH HA!!! Now I just might attempt this crafty little thing!


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