Friday, September 21, 2012

Weeks 37 and 38...and the wagon is....

Whoops! I'm out of order...I forgot Week 36 was NO...I'll come back to that I guess. This 52 Week Photo post is short and sweet...I've been too busy to think much about my weekly themes. 

An OLD Grain Elevator...I'm not sure if it's even used anymore. 
1/320, f16, ISO 800 

A NEW Sunset. 
1/320 sec., f10, ISO 1600 

And if you are stopping by for the answer to yesterday's post. This wagon was used to haul water out to the steam engine on the farm....well, duh!!! 


  1. Gorgeous shots!!! I'm catching up on all my blogs! Hope all is well with you!!

    Sarah @ This Farm Family's Life

    1. Well, it's harvest and I'm a widow too :) But other than that life is going great!


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