Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crying Petals

I completed a new painting. It's large 26 inches square but it went relatively quickly. 

I had some leftover black matte board scraps laying around that I cut into various pieces, painted and then hot glued together in layers for a 3D effect. 

I enjoyed creating textures on some of the pieces. I had forgotten how well acrylic, good acrylic, paint can be built up. 

I had a hard time capturing the real colors but you get the idea. 

I've mentioned before how I don't like to title my paintings so I asked advice from friends on FaceBook and one of my cousins suggested Crying Petals. I thought it rather fitting. Overall I think this painting could speak for the Kansas summer that flowers have had to put up with. 


  1. A rather fitting title, good imaginations !

  2. I like these! The details are cool, and the dimensional part really makes it all pop!


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