Saturday, September 8, 2012

Are You Ready for Some Football!!

I can't even read this post's title without thinking about Hank Williams! 

It's football season!! And once again poor coach has to keep reminding these guys that we are playing FLAG football and not TACKLE! 

I love football and football weather, especially football weather. COOL weather. Ninety degrees is too hot to be outside running! 

Getting a drink like the big high school boys! 

"Watch out!! You're going to get sacked!!"

Of course Yip and Yap are on the same team which at the same time makes it hard and easy for me. Easy because I'm only running to one practice. Hard because they are one another's biggest competition. They don't like to face up to each other. Rather than work as team mates they'd rather criticize one another. How do you get twins to understand that on the field your brother turns into just another guy on the team? They are the tallest and the oldest and probably catch the worst. I blame their father for their stone hands. We'll see how the season goes :) 

Even if they never win a game they are having a great time with their friends. 

Even the little sisters find a way to enjoy football practice. 

I'll never understand this part of football. It's the one time of year that it's okay to let somebody touch your butt. 

The boys were a little disappointed after their first practice when they learned they had to play flag football for one more year. Those helmets and pads have a big attraction for little boys Lord knows why! They look hot and uncomfortable to me. 

Football - More commonly known as Hoosier basketball conditioning! 

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