Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Artistic Recycler

If I had my way the summer would have been filled with art projects that my boys and I did together. 

It wasn't. 

Instead this is where Yip spent most of his time.

He was constantly found on my laundry room floor he was constantly spreading out the recyclables, cutting and taping and in some cases coloring. 

A motorboat...from a beer box.

And here he's posing with his cardboard pogo stick (left) that he was inspired to sculpt after we stumbled on some images of cardboard sculptures by Christ Gilmour. After Yip built it he emphasized how it was just a "sculpture" and it really couldn't be played on. He was quite serious, as though I couldn't figure that out. 

And then there's the machine gun. See the cardboard that has round indentations? Those are his bullets and he pulls them through the hole just like they'd go through a real machine gun. 

But then....then there are his Wolverine claws. 
I think he's tried making 4 or 5 different versions of these over the summer but THESE were by far the most successful design. He has since learned the meaning of the phrase, "Trial and Error". 

The art teacher in me would have loved to spend the summer in art museums on art drawing walks or doing fabulous huge projects with them....but I'm glad I didn't push it. Because watching his creativity and problem solving grow over the summer has been a real joy and I know it will serve him much better than any art project I could have forced on them! 

Besides he's made buying Christmas gifts really easy for him this year....



  1. I wish more kids these days would find joy in creating something from stuff they already have around instead of constantly "wanting" something. And there are so many cool duct tape options now!

    1. I agree! We've instituted a no TV during the week rule during the school year at our house and there's a lot more creativity and less complaining than I anticipated. I can't wait to go duct tape shopping for Yip for Christmas!!

  2. You will be amazed at the new varieties of duct tape they have nowadays. All different colors, patterns, etc. I even saw at a Michaels in Kansas City over Labor Day where they had Jayhawk printed duct tape!

    Love the no TV rule, too. We decided when we moved to Meade to experimentally try not getting cable or satellite. It's working well so far. I have a rule that any kid that comes to me saying they're bored gets a chore to do. So they're really good about finding things to do!

    1. I love the idea of giving them a chore when they are bored, GREAT!!

      Jayhawk tape? Awesome!!

  3. You are a much "cooler" mom than I am. SO, I have to ask. . .what do you do with all the recycled art projects after the first couple of days. I have one who can make something out of nothing. The problem is my OCD needs things picked up and organized. Which is complete opposite from her. I hate making her feel like her stuff isn't good, but I just simply don't have room for everything she wants to make.

    1. I don't have enough room either! However, if he can tape it on a wall, out from underfoot, it can stay. He also has a large shelf in his room where he can pile his creations but once they start falling down or getting under foot I tell him to thin it out. If he doesn't and I find his creations on the floor then they get tossed. A few days after his creations are made he grows less attached and will often pitch them on his own. sometimes you also have to reinforce that the process of creating is more important than the product.


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