Friday, September 7, 2012

Week 35 - Luscious

Have you ever heard that phrase, 
"Cowboy butts drive me nuts!"

I got to see plenty of cowboy butts last weekend so I decided to focus on those for my Luscious theme! Maybe I'm stretching it a bit here but I sure had a good time ogling form the stands. These aren't Luke Bryan or Jason Aldean. I think they are better, REAL cowboy BUTTS! 

And some of them weren't too bad at all! 

Sorry, I don't have info to post on these shots; I'm posting in a hurry tonight. 

I will tell you these were shot in bright afternoon sun with an ISO of 800 I believe. The only editing I've done to these is cropping and adding a bit of sharpness. 

 Week 36 NO
Week 37 Old
Week 38 New

I've been thinking that I might do this project again next year and compare one year to the other. 


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