Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Annual Ranch Rodeo...and much better photos than last year!

You guys probably have been wonderin' if I've died or fallen off the edge of the Earth. Close...I was substitute teaching at the preschool last week. You probably wouldn't think working with a class full of 4 year olds would be so taxing that I couldn't even blog a bit this past week. You are right. I LOVE subbing at the preschool. Those little monkeys love to share....their germs. I came home this week with one of the worst head colds I can remember. I could barely remember my kids names much less be with it enough to blog. 

But, I'm back now and I have photos of share of the Annual Ranch Rodeo Finals held in Dodge City over Labor Day weekend. You can read about my introduction to Ranch Rodeos last year in this post

There wasn't too much different this year than last. The four events were; Branding, Sort and Load, Doctoring and Wild Cow Milking. But this year I had a whole year of photo experience under my belt and a zoom lens! I was so happy with how some of these photos came out....definitely better than last year! 

Mountain Man and his buddy Jake from Oklahoma came up to the rodeo this year, it sure was nice to see family! We even got to see Mountain Man's buddies compete this year. 


...and old. There were all types of cowboys out there working. 

Even a couple of women, and they sure weren't slouches! 


Aren't those pink shirts nice? This was one of my favorite teams to watch, they worked so well together. 

Halfway through the rodeo the kids were able to get out in the arena and have a little fun. First there was the pool noodle race. My boys in the stripes DOMINATED!!! 

Yahoo wasn't to be outdone and worked hard too! 

But the event that my boys had been waiting for was the boot scramble. Every Rodeo I've been to has held a boot scramble for the kids. First they take off their boots or shoes ( better have some bleach at home Mom...look at those socks!)

They dump the boots in the middle of the arena...

...and the kids race to find their boots, put them on, and race back to the starting line. Yip was aggravated that he was beat by a girl that was only wearing flip flops. He was quite adamant that she cheated because it was a "BOOT SCRAMBLE" not a "SANDAL SCRAMBLE". 

Wild Cow Milking. Aren't you happy you don't have to get your milk like this everyday? 

Yep, that's a LADY throwing down that steer! and boy, did she mean business. 
I sure wouldn't want to cross her! 

Ranch Rodeos are one of my favorite things about Kansas. There just aren't too many places to go experience anything like it. 


  1. I would love an opportunity to witness this. Looks like a family trip !

    1. It's an experience most Americans have never witnessed! Fun times


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