Friday, May 2, 2014

Garden is done. Time to wait.

I have my whole garden planted! For me, that is so exciting. Of course, now I just have to wait..... Which is the hard part! 

The peas we planted a few weeks ago are coming up great despite snow and cold.  The sight of these baby plants sure makes me happy.  

Last year I lost almost all of my tomato plants to blight. How frustrating!!!  So this year I'm trying containers for my tomatoes. 

I even had some helpers!  Yahoo's preschool class came and planted the tomatoes with me yesterday. They sure enjoyed looking at my garden. 

The preschool teacher told me one year the best tomato crop her brother-in-law had was after they were pelted with hail.  I've heard I should beat my tomato plants for a better crop, has anyone done this???  The idea makes me nervous. I've had such a hard time growing tomatoes the last few years I'm afraid I'll kill them if I could beat them. 

We also have carrots, onions, beans, cucumbers, spinach and I've planted blue corn!!!  I'm kind of excited about that one too. 

Do you have your garden planted yet? Are you trying anything new this year?


  1. Hey! My mom and dad have their garden planted, and everything is growing well so far. I'm sure we have had more water than you ;-( Dad is trying to grow a couple of tomato plants in a bale of straw. It's a technique that is catching on around here. I'm sure you can Google it and learn more! Been thinking about you, and since we are rained out of the fields for the foreseeable future, I am trying to go back and catch up with my favorite blog buddies!

    1. Still in a drought here. Yep, we are desperate for rain. I think this summer is worse than last. The garden is doing good though. It's well established (as are the weeds) and as long as we don't go to many days without watering it I think it will be fine. My tomatoes are in the front yard and doing good! I've even had a couple of preschoolers stop by to check out 'their' tomatoes! I've been such a bad blogger Lana!! I need to catch up too!


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