Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dry Kansas landscape

 The kids got out of school on May 16th. I'm not bragging or anything, just stating a fact. I know plenty of schools (Indiana) are still in school. 
Summer; so far so good...meaning that my kids haven't driven me completely insane....yet. Which is surprising because this is the first summer in ten years where I don't have any kids taking a daily nap!! Who knew how exhilarating no naps could be!! No more tiptoeing around the house!!
The weather has been mild lately, only in the 80's, and we've been taking advantage of it with open windows and plenty of outdoor time before the 100's arrive...and they surely will.
Over the weekend we drove out to friend's house to go shoot. As we were tooling down the dirt road I was astonished to have to swerve around a snake in the road. Believe it or not after almost four years living in Kansas this was the first snake I've ever seen.  We backed up and leaned out the window to try and catch a glimpse of a rattler. All I managed to get a picture of was the tail, no rattle. After I described it to my friend she said it was probably a bull snake.

Here's a shot of the wheat field we drove through.
Not pretty. We've been in a drought the whole time we've lived here. A drought worse than the Dirty Thirties. When we first moved to Kansas I wrote a lot about the drought but after living in it for almost four years it's too depressing to write about all the time.

Heck...driving by fields like this everyday is depressing.

On a less depressing note the kids and I use this little trail to practice their driving skills. They are getting better. Yahoo wanted to drive too so she sat on my lap for a few bit and steered.....she's crazy!! If it were up to her we would definitely have ended up in a wheat field!

Sorry, no photos of the shooting...gotta focus!

Close up of the wheat.
I'm not sure if I'd recognize pretty wheat if I saw it...it's been such a long time since I've laid eyes on healthy wheat.
Summer is starting off slow but it's quickly building up momentum as I've started adding more and more events to my calendar. T-ball, Baseball, Camp, 4H, swimming, Bible School. If only we could get some rain, that's the only thing that would make this summer better!!

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