Saturday, May 24, 2014

Quick Oklahoma Road Trip

 Last weekend we made a quick road trip to Oklahoma and stumbled onto a little gem of a place that I can't wait to get back to!!
We found the Quartz Mountain Resort which has a golf course, paddle boats, campgrounds, hotel and I'm sure more that I haven't discovered yet.
The kids loved climbing up the hills of boulders. Yip and Yap were more than ready to take off and leave DR, their sister and I in the dust. Cactus and wildflowers and huge boulders. I could have climbed mountains all day long!

What I was most excited about though was the art work. The resort hosts art workshops and have a sculpture by one of my favorite artists, Alan Houser.

Of course my boys were super impressed by the giant deer head.

I can't wait to go back and just sit and draw or paint the mountains all day long. What gorgeous and inspirational scenery!!


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