Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Did you all enjoy getting outside today for an Easter egg hunt? We all enjoyed a beautiful afternoon outside with Mountain Man target shooting. DR bought a 9mm Beretta the other day and this was the first chance we had to shoot. It sure was fun!  I could have stayed out for a lot longer 

Yip was sure he could shoot the pistol too.  With a little bit of help from his uncle, who said Yip needed to lift more weights to heft it, he emptied the magazine pretty handily. 

On our way home we had a nice nature show. Look at that beautiful storm system.  I sure hope it was falling on my garden too. 

When I first moved to Kansas I assumed it never rained here. I didn't realize we were in the middle of a drought. With all the green around us this spring life in general has been much more pleasant. I really believe nature has a much bigger impact on our well being than we realize. 

Part of me felt bad for skipping church on Easter Sunday to spend time with my brother. Though I think God understands.  He has granted me many wonderful gifts, far more than I deserve, and I enjoyed most of them today. Happy Easter 

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