Saturday, May 31, 2014

I'm really not ignoring you.....

You probably wonder where I've been. The month of May was SUPER busy for Painting Parties! Yay!! Most exciting, for me, was that I was able to paint with a lot of kids this month!  So here's a not so short run down of my month of May!

My month started off with a Sunflower party but this group of ladies really went above and beyond with their flowers to make them so unique.

Then I led my library ladies in painting Sunset (or Moonrise) on the lake. This has become a favorite for many painters and it's especially a good one for first time painters.

My next party in May was a birthday party for a mountain loving gal! Everyone went home with a present. What a lovely group of ladies. And most of them hadn't painted before and they did just marvelous.

But my favorite party for May was painting Pigeons with Preschoolers!! They were awesome!! Really, I could paint with kids all day long. They are just the best!

Then I painted clovers with my boys 4H Club. I won't lie, it was more chaotic than I was used to and there was no way we could get a group shot, but I think they all had fun!

Whoo....are we done with the month of May yet??? Not quite...

Towards the end of the month I led my first Peacock Party..also the first time I've had to break out the flashlight on my phone to paint by!! We were painting in the hostess' photography studio which has awesome windows that allow in wonderful light. Great for photos, not so good for a late night painting party!

Then a very ambitious three hour party of an old farm truck that went extremely well! Even though we were rushing around the last 20 minutes as we were expecting a hail storm to hit...that never materialized.

The very next night we painted (and drank) wine to celebrate a friend's retirement. Congrats!! This ladies were a blast!! I could paint with them every week.

And FINALLY I ended the month painting seasonal trees with a brand new group (all newbies!) from a nearby town.

Whew!!! That's alot for one month but I loved every bit of it. Thanks to all you lovely painters!!

So I'm really not ignoring my blogging here, it's just that these painting parties have become a real hit and it's keeping me jumping. In fact I'm leaving for one more in a couple hours to round out my month of May. This is sure never something I ever expected to be doing when I became an art teacher 16 years ago but I must say that this is so much fun. I get to meet all kinds of people with all different backgrounds and these painting parties are so flexible!
But the greatest reward has been when one of my artists go off independently and paint without me. My greatest goal is to teach myself out of a job. If everyone I meets gains the confidence to create on their own then I've done my job!

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