Saturday, May 25, 2013

My garden is my Soul food.

We've had a lovely month of May in SW Kansas! Well, if you can forget about the snow we had on May 1st and the 100+ temps on May 15th...the rest of the month has been rather cool and just great for my garden! 

My peas and beans popped up super fast and are looking wonderful! 
I spent the morning weeding so now they look even better. 

Gosh...maybe I should have taken these photos AFTER I weeded. I didn't realize how many weeds I had in my photos. I guess that just goes to show I'm looking on the bright sides of things; my vegetables rather than my weeds :) 

Ummmm....I think this is Swiss Chard. I have a bad habit of planting things and not labeling them, thinking that I'll remember what it is that I planted. One of these days...ONE OF THESE DAYS I WILL label my just may be a few years! 

And look I even have a tiny bloom on my tomatoes! My friend in Texas is already harvesting grape tomatoes off her plants...I'm so jealous! 

Spring is wonderful, heck every season is wonderful but Spring is the time I look forward to my favorite smell; soil! I love getting dirt on my feet and under my nails. I know lots of folks think that I'm crazy working so hard for a tiny garden that economically probably isn't worth it. My garden may not be worth it money wise but the work is more than worth it when it comes to the good my garden does for my soul!! 


  1. Great pics and so good to see your garden growing. Sorry that I have been MIA, but we are finished planting as of yesterday :-) Girls have one more day of school, Tuesday. Glad you have also missed the nastiest of the storms. We have had the crazy temp swings too, but right now we are freezing, well, it's in the 50's, and we have had the furnace on for two days. Three of us are on meds, and Hannah crashed on the playground, and she now has five stitches just below her left knee. Fun times at the Wallpe house. :-)

    1. :) Sounds like the fun never ends at your house!! LOL

      Yeah, we've been doing well out here but we could still desperately use some rain. We're heading to Indiana soon...maybe we'll have to try and meet up at Rose's!

  2. It looks like a lovely garden. As long as you are having all the fun doing it then it is a good thing!!

    1. It is fun!! It's one of my favorite things to do. Maybe I should buy a green house make it my full time job. :)

  3. And... I imagine what you get to eat will be wonderful!!
    Weekend Cowgirl

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