Saturday, May 18, 2013

Family Photo Session!!

This summer will be our 10th wedding anniversary and, believe it or not, DR and I haven't had a professional photo taken of us since our wedding! I take a ton of photos but I thought it was high time to have some professional photos taken of us. A friend of mine suggested a photographer in Meade, KS, Priscilla Meairs (you can find her photography blog here) which is only about 20 minutes away from here. So I messaged her and she suggested that she just come to our town one evening because she's always looking for new and different locations to shoot other than just in her own town. 

Priscilla arrived at our house at 7:00 in the evening and we all piled in the car and followed her through town to a couple of locations she had scouted out before picking us up. The first place she took us was an alley behind the hardware store. (Pictures 1-11) My boys were being boys through this whole shoot wanting to be crazy or just cross their arms and scowl but Priscilla worked wonders with them by reading their personalities and suggesting poses that they'd be more comfortable with. 

After the alley she took us across the street and plopped us in the grass of the flower shop. There were times I thought for sure she was just going to fill up her camera before we were done. She was constantly shooting photos, a lot of times she wasn't even looking in the viewfinder! She'd just hold the camera above her head and snap away (#14) but they turned out great. 

#17 was taken at an abandoned auto garage. Who would have thought THAT would look good? But it sure did! Yahoo, oh what a PISTOL she was that evening!!! After about 15 minutes she was just about done with taking photos. I bet Priscilla took 50 photos of just this pose waiting for Yahoo to smile. I admit I didn't have high hopes but she even came up with great ones of my little monster! 

Our last stop was at a home/antique/museum of sorts (18-21) We have a gentleman in our town who is always going to auctions and finds fabulous finds in the oddest places; he's got pieces from an old hospital that was being torn down. Anyway, he's built this building for himself and uses many of the treasures he's discovered. You can see a gas pump, an old bike and various things hung on the side of his building. I just love this spot and knew it would be a great backdrop for us.

Eslinger top 20

We were back home in our living room before 8:00 pm. I couldn't believe how quick it went. Priscilla did awesome! She has two different sitting fee options. 

The first option is $50 fee and she'll post her Top 20 picks on her blog then I'll just order photos from her blog. If there's any photo If I want a digital copy of it costs $10 each and she releases the photo so I can use it anytime, anywhere. 

The second option is a $50 sitting fee and for $200 you'll receive a CD with 30-50 edited images with a photo release. 

I was so happy with Priscilla and what she's done. I haven't ordered any photos yet; I'm having a hard time deciding since she has a lot of different options on her site. My one goal was to get ONE family photo where everyone looked happy and clean. I must say, she well exceeded my expectations!! 

If you are in SW Kansas and are looking for a photographer, especially to photograph kids, I'd highly recommend Priscilla! You can find her here! 


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    1. I know!!! Totally stoked about how awesome they are. I just ordered prints yesterday, can't wait for them to arrive!


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