Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last Day of School!

Oh my, today is the last day of school for my munchkins! Well, really just a half day, so saying the last day of school is kind of a technicality. I wonder if all those teachers will be hitting the bar this afternoon? HA! I subbed last week and all the kids were getting just a bit nuts. I know I'd need a beer if I were a teacher these last few weeks. 

One teacher told me she thought that schools shouldn't tell the kids when the last day of school is...or lie about it. The last couple weeks the students are all checked out and it's tough to get them working because they know it's almost over, If they didn't know the end was coming they may be not so squirrely. I don't know if they'd be less squirrely. 

My crew seems to be squirrely all the time. 

Oh my, I knew all my kids had grown taller this year but I didn't realize just how much their faces have changed. My boys are losing the softness in their faces and are getting to be big boys! 

First Day of School 
August 2012

Before I know we'll be back to the first day of school again. 

How many more days do your kids have of school? Are they nuts too? 

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