Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Goodbye Indiana, Hello Kansas!!

Whew!! What a wonderful trip we had. The kids Yip, Yap, Yahoo and I just returned from ten glorious days in Indiana visiting family. The weather couldn't have been better. It was in the 70's with mild breezes. Even a rainstorm didn't ruin the vacation!

Oh, and the pictures and stories I have to share with you! First flight on an airplane, wooly mammoths, Children's Museum, water and mud (hooray!!), new twins, crawdads, and the horror of the blood sucking insects that Indiana is full of!!! Yap is convinced that Indiana is an awful place considering his body is covered with mosquito bites. Poor kid. I've got to admit the mosquitos did seem especially drawn to him.

The funniest story I have to share with you is about a leech, imaginary of course. We visited my brother in law in southern Indiana. The kids had a blast playing in his woods and the stream that meandered through. Yip was sure he saw a leech in the stream. (I really doubt it! :) ) Anyway, on Sunday my sister and I were driving the kids to church we were explaining how leeches were sometimes used by doctors on infected wounds. From the backseat Yahoo forced a fake cough and then said, "Mommy, I'm siiiick. I need a leech."
HA! Too dang funny!

Anyhow, we had a great trip but I already miss trees, green and ALL my Hoosier friends and family!
 More pics to come!

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