Friday, May 10, 2013

Watering our Garden with Drip Tape

We are trying something new in our garden this year; a drip tape. Yap and DR put it in part of it last weekend after I had planted a few things; beans, peas, carrots, cucumbers, onions. 

Half inch tubing is hooked up to the garden house, then quarter inch tubing with tiny holes in them are attached to the large tubing and then arranged through the garden. Below he's stretched the drip lines through the beans and peas. 

DR had bought a kit with the 1/4" tubing and connectors included but he soon realized that he needed more tubing and a little different set up. 

Purdue clothing is scarce in Kansas so any black and gold care packages would always be appreciated by DR! LOL 

DR set up the drip system so the water drips directly above my cucumber seeds. The picture below was taken after I'd left the water on for about 45 minutes. I think it's really going to work well. It seems as though my plants are starting off quickly and there is a LOT less water usage. In fact when we turn on the water faucet we don't put it on  full blast, like we would have last summer with a soaker house, but we barely turn the knob on at all. 

Is it just me or do my cucumber hills look like 4 sets of breasts? 

We only planted a week ago and my cucumbers are already coming up, that's sooo much better than last year! Last year I never thought my cucumbers would come up. 

There is a little tweaking that needs to be done though. The left side, above, is getting more water than the right side because it's going down hill so, there's probably a better way to arrange the tubing but we're learning. 

Tomorrow I'll put in my tomato plants and the rest of the garden. I'm pretty optimistic about this watering system; a lot more direct and less waste, and less evaporation.  

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