Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The dress that I hope stays in the house.

Even though I grew up with three sisters none of us were really girly as children. We grew up on a farm feeding animals, driving tractors, hauling firewood. Only one of my sisters had any leanings toward girly stuff. 

Then I had twin boys so of course I knew trucks and Legos and dirt. 

Then came my daughter. Oh boy. 

If anyone tries to convince you that there is no big difference between little girls and little boys they are sooo wrong. Even surrounded by boy toys for the first couple years Yahoo has a passion for PINK, and DANCING, and RUFFLES! 

My mother, bless her heart, made Yahoo this dancing dress for Christmas. Three tiers of ruffles that a sparkly! 

My mom even thought ahead and made the elastic casings accessible that I can loosen it as Yahoo grows. Realistically, she could probably wear this dress for 3 or 4 more years! 

God Bless my mother! She definitely will do anything for her grand-kids, even make an incredibly GAUDY dress that I would prefer she didn't wear out of the house. I dodged a bullet this weekend though when Yahoo didn't choose to wear it to church. But I won't be that lucky forever! 

I guess I'm getting paid back though. I remember being about Yahoo's age and being obsessed with this striped crocheted yarn dress that I would wear all the time. My mom even admits to hiding it from me because I wore it so much. Okay, I guess Yahoo gets some of this girliness from me after all! 


  1. Too funny! I have threatened, usually to myself, of making a sign that says, "She dressed herself!" for each of our girls at one time or another. This too shall pass. Just wait until it's earrings and make up! Hugs!

    Happy New Year too!

  2. That is amazing. A twirling dress. Let her wear it where ever she wants, and don't forget a moment of it. In a blink of an eye she'll be a tween and you'll be praying for the day she wants to wear any dress again. My daughter wore nothing but dresses one straight summer when she was Yahoo's age. She turned 13 in December and is just beginning to surrender to the dress again. Love those years..

    1. I promise. I never thought that she may get to the age where she wouldn't want dresses anymore. Yep, I'll let her wear it whenever she wants. Thanks Kasse!

  3. So pretty! She looks like she's loving it!

    1. Oh yes, she changes in and out of it at least once a day!


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