Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week 30 - UP

For this week's theme I chose to shoot UP more than showing an object that was UP. Hope you like them; I'm rather pleased with them. 

1/500 sec., F20, ISO 400

1/640 sec., F7.1, ISO 400

1/400 sec., F22, ISO 400 

All these were shot from the roadside...just weeds in a ditch. But kind of pretty weeds wouldn't you say? 

Week 31 - DOWN 


  1. I will be sweating all over doing these shots !

    1. Thanks? ha, ha...I think there's a bit of a language barrier. I'm not sure what you mean by that comment but I'll take it as a compliment. Sweating?

  2. Did you edit that second picture at all? I really like the last one the best.

    I haven't stopped doing our project. Camera has been in hand, just haven't had time to post anything. Seems like I don't get time on the computer till everyone else is in bed. I WILL get them on there even if it's not until the kids are back in school. (2 more weeks!!)

    1. I increased the color and contrast just a bit. I like that one too.

      I went out in at the very beginning of a storm system at sunset last night and got some gorgeous photos...before I got wet. Can't wait to post em.

      I've been busy with the kids too this summer. I've barely had computer time either. We start school on Aug. 23. Yay!!


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