Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pickin' a Melon is serious business.

I get tickled by my husband. He's so serious! 

On our trip to the mountains last week we had to drive through Eastern Colorado which is kind of boring. Eastern Colorado is a lot like Western Kansas....flat, with a few more trees. 

What they do have quite a bit of though are family farm markets along the way selling melons!! 

What makes stopping at this particular farmer's market so funny is that DR grew up in southern Indiana growing melons. He even remembers bringing up trailers full of melons to the Indiana State Fair and building those pyramids of melons? Any of you Hoosiers remember those?? 

So yeah, melons are a serious business for DR! 
When we stopped he was searching for the perfect melon. 
I was just standing back taking pictures :) 

We ended up leaving with one watermelon, one cantaloupe and one jar of honey (with beeswax!!! my choice) and half a dozen peaches which took DR about 20 minutes to decide upon. 

With my untrained eye picking the melons we would have been in and out in three minutes!! He looked, turned, thumped, compared, smelled and who knows what else to find just. the. right. melons. 

I'm sure glad he was so diligent because my oh my those were some pretty good melons!! According to me anyway. 

According to DR they weren't anything compared to what he used to grow!! LOL

Who knew Colorado was melon country? 

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