Friday, August 17, 2012

Colorado Ghost towns and Waterfalls (lot's o' pics)

Ah, so you have bravely returned to hear about the remainder of our mini vacation in Colorado Springs eh? The last couple days I posted about Pikes Peak and the Cliff Dwellings which kept us busy Saturday morning. After a quick lunch we stopped by the Ghost Town Museum

The museum is actually old buildings from a ghost town housed inside. Within each building there were artifacts from the gold rush era; home and saloon furnishings, blacksmiths, general stores, you get the idea. 

The kids especially liked it because there was plenty of stuff for them to TOUCH and they weren't just stuck looking with their hands in their pockets. They climbed on saddles, turned a butter churn, climbed in a carriage, played a song on the player piano and listened in to a conversation on an old telephone. 

A 19th century dentist drill....I think I'd have been toothless! 
That thing looks scary!! 

All around the museum there were characters like this guy who would "talk" to us and give us a some information about their job in the town. 

Well look at that...did you know Indiana printed money? 

We even tried our hand at panning for gold. I think I may have even found a couple of flakes but since I didn't have anything to carry it in I left it for the next tourist to find :) 

After a morning packed full of sight seeing we were pooped! So we crashed in the hotel for a few hours. I would have preferred a nap but my kids were having none of all the way for them!! My kids are deprived. There were two tv's in our hotel room and they kept running between them to see what was on both. You can tell we don't have cable! 

Toward dusk, after I finally peeled my kids eyes off the televisions, we headed to Seven Falls. What a beautiful place! It reminded me just a bit of Turkey Run back home in Indiana except, well, the hills are just a bit higher in Colorado! 

This part freaked me out just a bit. If you look close at the photo above you'll see a couple huge boulders surrounded by, what looks like, a mesh net. What was most disconcerting was those boulders were right above where visitors walk to see the falls. Yikes! 

A view with the falls behind us. I love Colorado! 

There is a Native American family that boasts three generations that have danced at the falls. My kids enjoyed it, especially when they chanted and danced to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. 

You are probably wondering why I'm talking about seeing waterfalls and yet to show you many photos of them. Well, it's because it's really hard to get a view of the entire falls together. You have to climb....a see see them! There are two sets of steps to view the falls. 

224!! I was dying, but Yahoo practically ran up them! This set took us right along side the falls. And across the falls you climbed 186 steps (or wimped out like me and took the elevator) to get a full view of the falls. 

At dusk lights turn on to make the falls appear to change colors. 
Look at those stairs!! Now, imagine walking up and down all of them with an independent three year old! I was stressing! 


Okay, I promise, tomorrow's post is the very last one about our Colorado trip. 
I think. 
But come back and check it out. 
Our last step was definitely the neatest stop we made! 

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