Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Red Dirt Music

I must be getting old. 

I must be getting old when I don't like to listen to the "popular" music on country radio stations. It sounds too "pop". Don't even ask my opinion on Taylor Swift. 

Country music just doesn't anymore. 

Good thing I live so close to Oklahoma. We live roughly an hour north of the Oklahoma/Kansas border. Oklahoma is known for having red dirt, You wouldn't believe it but when you cross into Oklahoma it's like they drew the state line right where the red dirt starts. 

There's also a genre of music popular in Oklahoma and surrounding region known as Red Dirt. I have a whole Pandora station just for Red Dirt music. And, most of it, sounds like the country I grew up with mixed with some bluegrass and folk. 

Here's my latest obsession; Turnpike Troubadours song, Long Hot Summer Days. I've been playing it all morning long. Right now this album is available for download on Amazon for $5!! 

What do you think? Would you listen to Red Dirt? 

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