Monday, July 12, 2010

Boxes, boxes everywhere!!

Moving Day #1 down and only two more to go! (The curse of the car struck over the weekend but I'll get back to that in  a future post.)

After a bit of a late start the moving guys attacked our house with gusto. Everything is now packed and ready to be put on the truck tomorrow.

But my husband really suprised me by actually washing out the kitchen cabinets. Grant it was man clean, but it still goes to show he is a pretty darn good husband! My fridge is almost empty too. The only thing left is milk (with nothing to drink out of), eggs (nothing to cook them in) and green beans (no forks to eat them with). Hmm...guess breakfast will be at McDonald's tomorrow.

While the packers were working and DR was cleaning, the kids and I went swimming, played at the park and ate ice cream. When we returned home in the late afternoon Yahoo was exhausted and went to bed right away but Yip and Yap were still full of energy and needed to play. Okay...what to do? All the toys, movies, everything is packed up!! 

Okay....umm...oh look a marker!! Then a bit more searching I found a bunch of markers in a box that hadn't been taped up yet. So up until bedtime the boys did this.....

....they drew funny pictures all over the moving boxes!! Pretty creative I thought. Plus, it's always nice when they can entertain themselves.

One day down, two more to go. Tomorrow the movers will throw everything on the truck and we'll be on our way. Sometime next week, hopefully, our stuff will be at our new house. Wish us luck!

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