Saturday, July 31, 2010

....and more moving delays...


Friday, July 16th, we are an hour from our new home with the expectation that the moving truck will be there the very next day we get the phone call from the moving truck driver, Bill. He now had to go, against his wishes, to Missouri to take a load back to Illinois before he could bring our stuff to Kansas. He'd give us a call later to let us know when he'd be there.

In the meantime we roamed our town and kept ourself busy.

Montezuma, Kansas. Population; just under 1000. One grocery store, one restaurant, one hardware store, one pharmacy, one tiny library, a post office, a town pool, about five churchs, two grain elevators and a large Mennonite community!!

Yip and Yap have spent most of their time in the tree in our front yard! Great for climbing!!

The town pool is small but only a block from our house. With the temps hitting 100+ degrees, we were there three times the first week. We just missed signing up for swimming lessons but the boys have made tons of progress learning to swim on their own just in the past two days! They may be jumping off the diving board before school starts!!

We didn't pack too many toys in the car and the ones the kids did play with were small and they were already bored with them. A wonderful older couple from the church we are attending invited us over to borrow some cooking utensils, pots, pans and toys. They even let Yip and Yap borrow this OLD pair of roller skates. What a great couple!!

After being stuck in Hutchinson, KS with truck trouble our driver finally arrived on Thursday, July 22nd. Well, it's been a week and everything is unpacked and organized...well, except for the garage!

So far I'm really enjoying our new town and home. Everyone here has been so welcoming and friendly. Montezuma is such a small town I feel comfortable letting the boys ride their bikes to the playground on their own. I don't mind walking a block to the grocery store while the baby takes a nap. This town reminds me of Andy Griffith's Mayberry; small, clean and friendly!

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