Thursday, July 29, 2010

Are we there yet?

Yes!! We made it to Kansas. All in one piece and no children were lost along the way! There were some bumps along the way and some change of plans but we are finally settled. All the boxes are unpacked and we are starting to live "normal" as Yap puts it :)

Here's a quick rundown of the last few weeks for those of you who are interested in hearing about our little adventures.

The movers had us all packed and loaded on Tues., July 12th. They gave us a window between the 17th and the 22nd of when they would arrive in Kansas. Since they weren't in a hurry, we weren't either. We were planning on arriving late the evening of Sunday the 18th.

So 10:30 pm on the 12th we rolled in to St. Louis and crashed. After a big breakfast the next morning, the 13th, we took off for the Arch! The boys were quite impressed and loved being able to see all the "ant" people below. At the Museum of Westward Expansion I kept teasing the boys that this would be our new home...

...a sod house. They weren't impressed.

After the Arch we headed to the Grant National Historic Site just down the road. If you enjoy history this is a great place to go. I learned lots about Ulysses S. Grant I never expected. Did you know grant never wanted to be in teh military? He wanted to be a horse farmer.

After leaving St. Louis we drove to Stanton, MO and Thursday, the 14th, morning we visited the Meramac Caverns. I had visited these caverns when I was five years old with my grandparents and wanted Yip and Yap to see them too. They weren't nearly as big as I remember them being, but still pretty impressive. Yip was afraid there were werewolves inside!

Thursday afternoon the truck driver hauling all our stuff and told us he thought he'd make it to Kansas by Sat., 17th, at noon. Could we be there?

You bet!! I was excited we'd be able to get settled sooner than expected. We decided to speed up the trip and get to Kansas Thursday night. We stopped at Ft. Scott about 4 pm, an hour before they closed to take a look around and a well needed break from being in the car! Ft. Scott was SO interesting! I really want to check it out again someday because there wasn't nearly enough time to see all I wanted to see.

Friday morning, July 16th, we left Eastern Kansas and drove to the Wichita Zoo. Neat animals, very hot (100 degrees) and a good stopping point after a long morning drive.

After leaving Wichita we still had a 3 hour drive until we made it to our new home. With only an hour to go before we arrived at our final destination, we received another call from the driver......plans had changed.... be continued.....

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  1. Hooray! We're so glad you enjoyed all the sight seeing. Glad to see your blog again. :)


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