Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Pool, My Camera and a Foot Injury

Kansas summer in my teeny tiny town is awesome mainly because the town pool is only a block from our house. Heck I can see it as I'm typing this! For the last two summers, when we've set records for high summer temps and consecutive days over a 100 degrees, the kids and I spent a LOT of time there!! Thankfully this summer, so far, has been much more pleasant. Can you believe that this week our SW Kansas temps have only been in the mid 80's?? And greener than I've ever seen it at this time of year! 

We've still been at the pool plenty this summer though. The boys especially have enjoyed it because this year they are old enough to go to the pool all on their Mom or annoying sister! (And boy have they been annoying one another lately!! How many days until school starts??) Why is it that when there is TONS of room at the pool (or in the house, outside, etc.) they INSIST on being RIGHT NEXT to their sibling and bugging the heck out of one another?? 

Usually I spend pool time in the pool playing with Yahoo. I'm not the average Pool Mom. I LOVE getting in and playing with all the kids. Wrestling with the boys, and them trying to dunk me, has gotten a bit more difficult this summer though. Whoa, my boys are getting big...and STRONG! One of these days, not too far in the future, they'll be able to just pick me up and throw me in the pool! 

OMG, just found this image of Yahoo from two summers ago. Wow!! Didn't realize how much she's grown!! 

As much as I love playing in the pool with the kids I've had to take a break from the pool (more about that in a minute) but the upside is that Yahoo can go in the pool on her own and I've been sitting poolside playing with the zoom lens on my camera. It's got a manual focus on it that I'm still trying to master and I found the pool is a great place to practice! 

I can't believe I got this shot of Yahoo!! LOVE IT! 

I just love watching how confident my boys are in the pool! I don't think there's much they aren't comfortable doing in the water. 

Yip was such a great brother (one day at least) while I was sidelined he played with Yahoo and as he said, "took over" for me. 

I'll have to keep this image for when they get older as proof that they do love one another!! 

So, why am I sidelined? Turns out I've overdone it wearing my Vibram Shoes!!  I was having some major pain in my feet and turns out I have a heel spur and patellar fasciitis which means the tendons across the bottoms of my feet are inflamed. OUCH!! Which makes walking barefoot on the bottom of a concrete swimming pool practically unbearable! 

So no running for a while! Honestly, it's driving me nuts too. Doc did say I could bike or swim, which I've been alternately doing. I don't know how Lance Armstrong does it though. Those bike seats!!! OUCH! And  I've been trying to swim laps at the pool in the mornings but most of the time I feel like I'm flailing and drowning. Michael Phelps sure makes it look easy! I REALLY miss running but I'm trying to be a good girl and do exactly as the doc says. Hopefully by the first day of school I'll be back on the track! 

Do you like my duct tape feet? Ha!! I know it's hillbilly but it sure works better, and is cheaper, than athletic tape! Has anyone out there had a heel spur before? Is there hope for me and my sanity? 


  1. Happy 4th! Hope your feet are better soon! I would just stay in pool and swim. Sounds like it would feel good to your foot. And I do love your hillbilly fix!!

    1. Thanks! Our 4th was great! My foot is doing better and I'd love to swim but my kids would rather I stand and play with them. It's the standing part that hurts :) Duct tape fixes anything!

  2. I, too, have recently been suffering from heal spurs/plantar fasciitis. 3 cortisone injections later and it's still not healed.

    While Googling different ways of coping with it, came across your blog. Love the ductape idea! Most definitely will try!

    1. I'm just getting back to running after stopping in June! But it's slow getting back! Really good arch supports help too. Find a good podiatrist, that sure helped me. Ice, ice, ice and stretch, stretch, stretch!

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  4. Aww. Too bad! The boys seem to be having the time of their lives on that pool, and you're unable to join them! That heel spur must have hurt. Take it easy on those feet as constant stress and pressure on them are what cause heel spur. Get well soon!

    Dot Eastman

  5. Ouch! That sounds kind of painful. I can just imagine you trying to wobble around the house since it would be really hard trying to walk around in those, much less even run. Too bad that you have to stop your running routine. It’s a good thing though, since the doctor said you can swim, you can definitely have fun swimming with your boys in the pool again. Anyway, so much have passed since then, how’s the foot?

    Mitchell Winslow @ Primary Care

    1. A year later and I'm doing great! Running regularly!!!

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