Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What's been keeping us busy the last week or so...everything!!

I don't know who ever came up with the idea that summer was relaxing, but whoever it was they've never been to our home in the summer!!! We've been busy busy busy! 

We finished up our summer reading program at the town library. What an awesome librarian we have! Not only did she have weekly activities for all the kids but she brought in a magician, a mad scientist, Mr. Yo-yo and topped it all off with a pool party complete with prizes! 

We've also been finishing up some 4H projects that we took in to the fairgrounds on Sunday which includes this guy right here that Yip made at the last minute. A horrifying story, for me anyway, goes along with this guy. After Yip finished him which included putting him together with hot glue, I put him in the car Saturday afternoon so nothing would happen to him. It was hot that day...105 degrees hot and I didn't even think about it. But DR went out to the car that night for something and found that all the glue had melted and Ironman was in pieces!!! I felt soooo bad! Poor Yip had to glue the whole thing together again Sunday morning, but he did a great job and the 4H judges were pretty impressed. 

Yap talked the judge's ear off while sharing his Lego model. They think he has a future as a politician. Oh boy! 

Yip and Yap also talked to the electric judge about their shaker flashlights. He was most impressed that they could actually explain HOW the flashlight works! Yay! 

After we got home from dropping off projects Sunday,Yahoo decided she needed to make some projects too. So she sat down and made her own sculptures for the open class that we were able to take in the next day. 

Here's an Alien, but I didn't have to tell you that. 

And here's a bird nest with eggs and blankets, of course! 

Speaking of eggs we found the coolest experiment with an egg!! 

Newton's First:  with raw eggs.  Pinner said: "ok, this is cool! Our family just tried it. I wish I had, had a camera for my husband's face when I knocked the pie pan! lol The kids think this is SO cool!"

 I even have a video, but I can't get it to load up :(

Not only have we been busy with 4H but our VBS started this week and I've spent most of the summer on the decorations. It's been awesome! And I heard a rumor about a pie in someone's face on Friday?? Hmmm... Pics to come! 

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