Wednesday, July 24, 2013

4H Champions!!

I thought I'd take a quick minute and brag on my boys. They did so well on their 4H projects this year! 

Yap received champion electric project. 

and he was chosen to go to the State Fair! Unfortunately he's not old enough, you have to be 9, but this shows that his photo is high quality! 

Yap also received reserve on his painting and a champion on his Lego model (I didn't get a pic of that!)
The boys had woodworking projects too. The judge said they were blue quality but they received reds because we didn't include building plans. Oops! 

I received a couple of ribbons too. A champion on my painting and a reserve on my colored pencil drawing. 

The most exciting award though was definitely Yip's champion on his Ironman! What was even cooler that the judge just LOVED it! She even encouraged him to learn how to weld and carve when he gets older! 

A friend of mine asked me if I had finally recuperated from the week of Fair/Bible School. 

NO!! I haven't! Monday we took off to Wichita for a day at the museum and to visit a friend. Yesterday I spent over an hour in the garden picking veggies that should have been picked last week! Then today I gave a drawing lesson at the town library. 

I'm sure life will eventually slow down....maybe. But I sure couldn't give you an idea when that might be! 

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