Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Please, no more Cardboard!!

Funny story, our town library recently went through some renovations; new carpet, new paint, new lights.

Okay, THAT's not the funny part. The funny part is that ALL the books in the library had to be moved.
ALL. THE. BOOKS. Okay, not really funny.

Whew.That's a bunch of books to box up (with some semblance of order) and then get reshelved again. I helped out when I could. And boy were there boxes. The librarian must have went to every business in town for weeks gathering enough boxes for all the books. Finally every book was out of the library in a storage trailer.

After about a week our wonderful little town library had new carpet, new paint, and new lines....and empty shelves. Time to put back all the books. ]

I helped with that a bit too and gotta say, there were times when I was questioning my knowledge of the alphabet. I caught myself singing the ABC's waaaaay too many times!

As the books went on the shelf the cardboard boxes went to the alley. ALL. THE. BOXES. I thought, eh, I'll make Yip and Yap do some work and help me load up all the boxes into the truck to take to the recycling garage in town.

What was I thinking? Couldn't I remember the MANY times that cardboard boxes have invaded my house? The NO GIRLS fort? The boat, pogo stick and machine gun? Not to mention all the other cardboard creations I HAVEN'T blogged about?

Yip couldn't resist a PILE of cardboard boxes...but I limited it to three! And look what he made.

His cardboard man is about as big as Yahoo.

I gotta say, Yip has skills...a master of the glue gun at such a young age. He's really making me wonder what he's going to create the older he gets!

 But please...no more cardboard. I need a break... for just a little while!

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