Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring has Self Esteem Issues.

Today's forecast in Southwest Kansas is sunny, slightly windy with a high of 78 degrees. Aaaahhh...Heavenly! Time to kick the kids outside. 

It may be a gorgeous day today but I'm starting to think that poor Spring has some self esteem issues. Tomorrow's high in SW Kansas is only supposed to be about 57 and Wednesday? You'll never believe it....a high of 37 with a chance of snow! 

What's the deal Spring?? 

For the last three weeks it's been the same pattern! Weekends are warm and lovely and then bam! The weekdays arrive and winter cold temps push their way back in. I'm having a hard time getting excited for any garden work when I know these beautiful days only usher in cold winds. It's like Spring is afraid to stand up to Winter....the big bully! 

Ah well, at least the kids aren't arguing when I make them play outside. In fact when I show them the forecast they rush to get some fresh air. 

What's the weather like where you are? Is Spring as crazy there as it is here? 


  1. Ha! Sounds a bit like Indiana!!!

    1. I was wondering if it was just us or if home was getting hit the same way! Looks like you all are revving up for some serious storms, take care!


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