Friday, February 22, 2013

Surviving the snow days.

Two snow days down and one to go. The boys haven't had school Wednesday, Thursday or today. It snowed all day yesterday and we received about a foot of snow. It's been quite the storm. Kansas hasn't seen a snow storm like this since the 1970's. 

Isn't it beautiful? I love all this moisture going straight down into my garden. I'm hoping this storm will bring us a very green spring!  

I was a bit worried though how we'd get along being snowed in but the kids have been able to find plenty of things to keep them occupied. 

We had just received hammocks in the mail that I was planning on saving for when the weather warmed up. The hammocks kept them occupied for quite a while once we figured out how to rig them up in closets and under the bunk bed. 

The boys spent plenty of time on art projects too. 

A while ago I had laminated portraits of the kids which they enjoy making funny faces with. 

Then we melted crayons to "draw" with. What little boys is going to turn down the chance to play with fire? 

Can you guess who this Lego man is? 

Ghostrider. Yip loves scary and gory movies and has been fascinated with skull head lately. 

And of course the kids spent lots of time playing with Legos Wednesday and Thursday. I didn't get many photos of Yap the last couple of days because he was holed up in the basement with his Legos and barely came upstairs. 

Not to be left behind Yahoo came up to me and insisted that I take a photo of her creation as well. 

This is an interesting cardboard creation Yip is working on. It's his Halloween costume. Can you believe he's started working on it already? Can you guess what it is? 

Of course our last couple snow days have also been filled with lots of movie watching. Two days down and one to go. Wednesday was nice having the kids around all day. By Thursday afternoon I was getting a bit stir crazy being cooped up for so long. Yahoo was also running a 101 degree fever last night, so I'm not quite sure how today will go. 

Needless to say we've had a pretty relaxing couple of days, oh if every day could be this unscheduled! 


  1. We only had ice. No snow here! Looks like you did a fantastic job keeping those kiddos entertained!

    1. We might be getting some ice later this weekend. I hope it isn't too crazy. The boys are finally out in the sunshine today shoveling snow. That should wear them out well!

  2. Oh man, I've been thinking about you guys in this storm! We just got it last night, still snowing, but it's WAY less than what you got. We live just a little north west of where the heavy snow fell/is falling in Minnesota.

    And is it a Sponge Bob costume?

    1. Yep, SpongeBob! I can't wait until he's finished with it :)

      We are doing okay. We've been out in the snow a lot today. It's sunny with no wind and the roads are clear(ish) again.

      The worst is Yahoo has been running a high fever since last night and I've been battling that. It's tough because her temps keep fluctuating and therefore so does her energy level. I can't get her to eat anything but popsicles. Called the dr but there isn't much he could do...just keep doing what I'm doing.


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