Monday, February 11, 2013

In a funk.

I have been absolutely awful at blogging the last couple of months haven't I? I mean, I've gone for over a week without blogging about anything! 

I blame Yahoo....mostly. 

Yahoo stopped taking regular naps just about the time my blogging started going downhill. I never realized, until it was gone, how very precious those two hours a day were. Naptime was MY time to sit for a long uninterrupted period, to blog, to paint or draw. Naptime was the time of day for me to concentrate, gather my thoughts and immerse my self completely into my chosen project for the day. Naptime was my only time of day where I was completely alone. Ah! It was precious!

But now it's gone!! NO naps. Forevermore!!  Without that daily nap I just can't seem to get my day organized. Oh, occasionally Yahoo will lay down and take a nap I still make her lay down in bed for 45 minutes a day but she rarely sleeps and usually ends up talking to herself in her bedroom. I've tried to blog with her awake but she ends up distracting me to so many other things that before I know it I'm falling into bed and haven't blogged, or even thought of blogging, in days. 

Though I'm kind of complaining about the lack of nap in my life, I'm also very happy about it. Yahoo's growing up and that's wonderful!  We are able to go places during the day without having to rush home in time for a nap. Before I know it she'll be going to preschool every morning; can you believe that starts in August? Her personality is glowing through and she is becoming a very independent individual. I'm so very happy that Yahoo's growing up. 

So I guess I'm not complaining about naptime being gone, I'm just explaining that life here on my prairie is going through an adjustment. I like a routine to my day and, well, a monkey wrench has kind of gotten thrown in there and I'm working on getting back a routine I can live with. So, bear with me. I'm doing my best to get blogging again. 

I did say at the beginning of this post that I MOSTLY blame Yahoo. I also blame my carpenter! It's been super hard to get anything done during the last two months when I have had a guy in my living room that I'm trying to work around. 

But the window is now done (WOO HOO) and it's totally worth it. The boys and I argue about who's going to lay on it. It's a great place to stretch out and draw or read. Yahoo loves to jump off of it repeatedly or hide in the cabinets below. So, now that the home improvement phase is done, for now, maybe life can finally get back to *normal*....whatever that is! 


  1. Changes are a hassle, but I *love* your window!!

    1. I think a bay window should come standard in every new house built in America! There's just something wonderful about them!


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