Friday, February 15, 2013

Spring is in the air. I just received some in the mail!!!

Today the weather in southwest Kansas is sunny and upper 40's, lower 50's. Tomorrow the temps might hit 60 and Sunday close to 70!! Don't ask about next week though, it goes downhill on Monday. Typical. 

No doubt about it though spring is on it's way. Spring in SW Kansas definitely come much sooner than what I was used to in northern Indiana. The first summer DR and I planted a garden here we did it much too late in May. May is good for Indiana but late March or April seems to be the planting season out here. In Indiana where we planted everything in May and had one garden harvest in the fall, Kansas is different. It stays so warm here for so long that last summer our garden was able to produce a double crop of vegetables like cucumbers  and beans. A double crop was something I'd never heard of in northern Indiana!! 

Though we can get a double crop out of our Kansas garden I really would prefer a single Indiana crop and Indiana rain. Please pray for Kansas. They've been in a severe drought ever since I've lived here and this year doesn't look to be any different. Who knew I'd miss 80% humidity? 

Despite the water woes, I am getting antsy to get into my garden. So much so that I already ordered my garden seeds...and received them just yesterday! How's that for a Valentines gift? I think I was more excited over my seeds than any candy/flowers/cards I could have received! 

Cucumbers and Zucchini...yes, zucchini. Carrots and Chard. Broccoli and Beans and Peas. 

That's not all though. I'm still waiting for a set of white onions and sweet potatoes. I think I've gotten DR into trying to raise the potatoes in a box built from pallets. We'll see how that goes. 

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And of course, I couldn't have a garden without planting tomatoes for my Running Soup. We have a great greenhouse that I'll buy plants from. Last year she talked me into buying eggplants! Who knows what I might plant this year. Though I have ruled out okra, never again. That stuff just grows too dang fast to keep up with!

I'm checking out the calendar trying to decide when I might be able to get into my garden this year. I'm excited. I love going out every morning and working in the garden. 

What about you? Are you excited for spring? Do you have garden plans in the works? What kind of vegetables should I try? 


  1. How fun! I envy your garden planning. I hope to see it later this year. :)

    1. I sure hope I have something to show you! I am having fun, gardening is one of my joys!

  2. We've been wanting to garden for years, but the teeny tiny one we tried before (mainly consisted of a tomato plant) was a total failure. Part of our trouble is that there are a ton of big trees in our yard making it hard to find a spot that gets a lot of sun, because the big shadows from the trees just keep moving around the yard. I love our trees and the shade they give us, but I'm not sure how to garden with them here. I suppose I could just go to a greenhouse and talk to someone. Hopefully your garden success will be an inspiration and motivation for me!

    1. Hmmm, shade trees are a problem (I wish I had that problem) I'm not sure what you could do other than maybe trimming branches or building a mini greenhouse with a heat lamp in it. The up side to that is a longer growing season.


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