Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What do you need to get in the Christmas spirit?

Because of our window project  I don't have our Christmas tree up yet. This is by far the latest I've ever gone without a tree of some sort. Though I've found that I don't miss it. I've heard that a lot of people aren't in the Christmas spirit this year because it's so warm but I haven't had that problem. I'm DEFINITELY in the Christmas spirit. 

I have my Nativity set up in the living room (far from my window) and I have Alabama, Oak Ridge Boys and  Alan Jackson singing Christmas sings to me everyday from Pandora. That's all I need to be festive. 

So, quick question....what is the one Christmas "thing" you need to be in the Christmas spirit??


  1. Snow or a Christmas song from long ago. Sigh........ Need to go find some good music by the way the weatherman is talking. We are truly needing any kind of precip. The drought line is falling steadily southward from Chi-town :-(

    Trying to catch up with all my blog buddies, but I am so glad we can play quick catch up on Facebook!

    1. We are in desperate need of moisture too. I'd love to get some snow...I'm praying for a BLIZZARD!


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