Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Remodel the Old or Start from Scratch??

It was supposed to be easy...oh, so easy. 
Just replace a window. A couple days tops. 

I just wanted to get rid of this old five pane unopenable (is that a word) windows. 

But we have an old house....bwaa haa haa HAA!! 
I can feel my house laughing at me. 

When the contractor took out my window he founds lots of water damaged rotten boards.
So, he had to take out the wall under my window. 
He'll have to rebuild the wall, not to mention doing something with the stucco on the outside of the house. 

Last night this was what I was looking at right before bedtime. I never realized how much LIGHT came in that east facing window, even at night time. 

Clark the contractor came back today to get to work when he realized that the new window is perfectly square, of course, and that the hole is not, of course. So he now has the problem of making a straight window fit in a crooked hole. 

This is my most recent window. I'm not any closer than last night. 

When I talked to DR about this earlier he proclaimed, "I'm never doing this again!! I'm never remodeling anything else!" 

"'d rather build from scratch?" I asked. Fat chance of that. We never stay in one spot long enough to build a house. He did admit that he wouldn't want to make all the design decisions about a house. Fine by me!!! 

Building a house is a huge financial and time commitment while living in a house during remodeling isn't much fun (noise, dust, unexpected bumps in the road).

So I gotta ask, would you rather....
.....remodel the old house
....or start from scratch and build new? 


  1. Hope third day is a charm and you finally get your new window which you will love!

  2. Oh, and I hate remodeling, but that is the only thing we have ever done on our old farm house.

  3. I'm sure I'll love it! It's just tough living without all that light :) The cold snap we had this week put things on hold which stinks :(

  4. It's tough choosing whether or not to remodel an old home, but it really depends on how long you plan on living on it for years to come. If you see yourself living in that house for more than five years, I think it's better to live out a year on a home being remodeled than endure years of a home where there's something else constantly going wrong, especially with older houses. It's a good thing you guys have already replaced that window, but you also have to be aware that windows from older homes can cost you more money than you'd have realized. This is due to the fact that 30% of your home's energy can be wasted from inefficient doors and windows. It makes more sense to replace your windows with newer ones that are more energy efficient and maintenance free.

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  5. Starting from scratch is much advised for very old houses. We'll never know the damages until we break the house down and redo stuff. However, like what Miley have said, remodeling should depend on how you see yourself staying at the house. With faulty windows and doors, you'll waste so much heating and airconditioning bills. Moreover, you walls might fall down when a thunderstorm passes your town.

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