Saturday, December 29, 2012

8 year old boys vs. the old TV

In the past month with our window project, Christmas and some other things popping up I haven't blogged as much as I'd like and this little post ended up buried for the last few weeks. You can tell how old it is because our old windows are still behind DR. 

Anyway, DR bought a new TV soon after Thanksgiving. 
Jerk! That's what I was going to get him for Christmas. I bought him socks instead. 

We promised the boys that we would let them tear apart the old tv what we didn't agree to was helping them get it out of the house! LOL!

What a night watching these boys working together to try and get this big heavy tv out the door and into the garage. They actually were working very well together during this entire process, surprisingly!! 

At first they had the idea that they could tie the television onto a skateboard and then roll it to the garage. Hmmm, it was a bit too top heavy. 

After a while I just couldn't take it anymore and told them to drag it on a towel. 

I'm still not sure who to attribute this next idea too but it worked really well. They put the tv in kiddie pool (why was it out of the garage in the middle of November??) and drag it to where they were trying to go. 

The cord worked well for a rope and Yahoo hitched a ride. 

DR refused to move the truck and convinced them they could figure out how to get the tv around it. 

Phew, finally into the garage! 

Let the fun begin! 

They attacked this television for about three days until there was nothing left to take apart. 

They asked just the other day when they can take the new flat screen apart. I gave them a death glare and they've since dropped the subject. 


  1. What good fun for them, and I like how you made it last longer by requiring them to do the work of moving it.

    1. It was so much fun just to sit back and watch and listen!


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