Monday, June 24, 2013

Knee Deep?? Heck, let's lay all the way down!

A couple of weeks ago when we were in Indiana we had the best weather; slight breezes and in the 70's. The weather couldn't have been better which made playing in my brother's creek all the more fun. Just about any other time in the summer it would be too hot and there'd be too many bugs and mosquitoes to battle at the creek to be able to enjoy playing in it. 

As it was though the kids had a blast exploring the the form of tadpoles in jars and crawdads. 

My brother was holding this crawdad when he kept feeling something falling off of it. He looked and there were a bunch of baby crawdads in his hands. The mother carried them under her tail! 

I learn something new everyday. 

Remember when I said I had bought all the kids rubber boots to wear in Indiana? Obviously they were a pointless accessory in the creek. Laying down in the water really didn't call for such fashionable footwear..ha! 

I sure do miss my family. And it wasn't like our time back with family was filled with planned events or a schedule of any sorts. I went grocery shopping with my sister in law (without kids!! Woo Hoo!) and I couldn't have had a better time with her. The kids cooked hot dogs over a fire which they just loved since they can't do that in Kansas (high winds, grass fires and burn bans) I just really enjoyed doing the everyday stuff with my family back home. The stuff you don't even think about doing. The stuff you do just because it's there and it sounds like fun. (Yip climbing the wood pile in my parent's barn lot.) That's better than any schedule we could have come up with. 

I only have one more post on our trip to Indiana. I'll try to get it up soon but this week is CRAZY!! Between my three kids we have golf, gymnastics, basketball and baseball. Whew! Good thing it's only this week that's crazy. 

Whatever happened to a relaxing summer? :) 

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