Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Big Reveal.

I finally finished it before spring break. This past week the kids were back in school and I just happened to be substitute teaching on Thursday so that was the day the faculty decided to unveil the mural for the kids. 

I. Was. Nervous! 

They herded all the kids, 120, into the foyer of the school where the mural would be hung and I tried to hide in the back hoping everyone would forget about me. I know, silly, since I painted the thing but really...I didn't like the idea of having to get up in front of the crowd...even if they were "just kids". I'm my worst critic and I could have picked out half a dozen things about the mural that I maybe should have changed and I was afraid everyone else would see them too. 

Hiding? No such luck. 
The teachers called me out and had me unveil my mural. 
(They hung it between the two benches.) 

The kids clapped and cheered; I was so relieved. You may think that's silly but kids have a funny way of being totally honest. And this mural was for them! If they didn't like it I think I would have been devastated that I had let them down. Adults on the other hand have a funny way of politely clapping even for something awful. Adults and kids are just funny aren't they?

I sure wasn't expecting anything but the faculty had bought me a present and it was the COOLEST thing! I never would have thought of this but they had my mural put on a throw blanket. How awesome is that? So now, where ever we live, I'll always have my mural! Lovely!!! 

This was so much fun and I was so very happy that I could paint something that, hopefully, will inspire kids. I love to paint and would paint all day if I could but I only have so much wall space (or closet space) to put my artwork. So having the opportunity to give my artwork away is a wonderful feeling. 

Art is medicine for the soul but only if we share it. 


  1. Heather,
    The mural is beautiful!!!! The pictures don't do it justice! So happy you like the blanket -- Susan and I thought just what you said -- You can take it with you everywhere!!
    Not that any of us want you to go anywhere anytime soon!

  2. Thanks so much! I would gladly do it again.

  3. Is this something you came up with?

    1. The teachers asked me in the fall if I'd be interested in painting over an old mural. So I came up with about half dozen inspirational quotes which the teachers then narrowed down to 3 or 4. Then I drew up two different sketches, one for two separate quotes. Then I presented it to the kids, they voted on which quote they wanted painted. This is the one they chose. I started on it after Christmas, I think, and just finished it a few weeks ago.

  4. Your mural is amazing! You are so talented!


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