Saturday, March 22, 2014

Wake up little garden!

It's barely warm enough to be outside without a coat, it's supposed to snow tonight BUT it's officially spring so time to get in the garden !!!! DR tilled yesterday which madee so excited and we received seeds in the mail (which made it feel like Christmas ) and now all I have to do is wait a month or so before I dare plant anything!! How about you? Are your waking your garden up yet?


  1. Here in North East Georgia we have four or five good days then we have three days of cold and wind. I think I will wait until April 15th to plant anything, that is suppose to be the last day of a frost or freezing temperatures.I sure hope we have a better spring then last year too much rain lost too many plants. Ellen

    1. oh how i wish we had the problem of too much rain!!! I had a lot of tomatoes and peppers die last year from blight. Last spring we didn't plant until May. It would be nice if I could get stuff in just a little earlier this year.


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