Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Break...thank goodness it's over!

Oh, were we busy over spring break; road trip, museum visits, art projects...a filthy house. It's nice to have the kids back in where IS spring??? It's kind of windy and cold outside but there were sure some nice days to remember from last week!
We took a trip to Wichita to hit up some museums.

Outside the art museum the boys struck their best "statue pose"!

Ah!! A Chihuly! I love his stuff!


After the art museum we went to Cowtown, which the boys love.

Cowtown is a rebuilt 1800's town with mostly original buildings. As you walk through there are reenactors and plenty of antiques on display.

And look at that...a honest to goodness real grain elevator.
I thought I was able to get DR away from work for a day...guess not!

But guess what the biggest hit was with the kids at Cowtown....a bowling an alley! Wooden pins, a canvas backstop, a rail/ramp to roll the ball back on. We could have stayed there for hours!

After Wichita we went up to Manhattan to the Flinthills Discovery Center that had a great display about the ecosystem of the plains.
They even had a really neat exhibit about the science and physics of football. It was really neat!
We had one gorgeous day over break where ther was no wind and it was up in the 70's so we went down to Meade State Park and enjoyed the great outdoors!

There aren't too many trees out here in Kansas but this is the one spot where we can enjoy them occasionally. They were still bare but they were still lovely!

Now we are back to the grindstone of work and school....but we are still waiting on spring!!


  1. The buffalo is my favorite!

    1. Mine too!! I have a special place in my heart for all things bison!


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