Friday, October 11, 2013

Garden Dirt Clod Fight

The other day I decided it was time to dig up my sweet potatoes. Yes, I know we haven't had a freeze yet but I decided I'd rather dig when the weather was pleasant than cold and windy. While the weather was pleasant I was also able to get more willing helpers! Yip, Yap and the neighbor boy helped me scrounge through the dirt, after I dug, to dig out those big red tubers! Yum! Sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving! 

After we were all done the boys decided that that freshly turned earth was too good to pass up and they proceeded to have a dirt clod fight! I did warn them that if they were going to throw dirt clods that I wouldn't tolerate any whining if they got HIT with one. 

Winding up! 

I often tease Yip that his body movements mirror Captain Jack Sparrow. Sometimes his arms and legs are all akimbo but they always tend to land just where he wants them too, though I often fear he's going to just trip over his own feet! 

It's harder than you think getting a good photo of a dirt clod. 

My boys are getting too dang tall!! Yap there is one size away from he and I wearing the same size shoes! 

And here are my wonderful, small, but glorious crop of taters curing in my kitchen. Another couple of days and I'll make myself a batch of sweet potato fries before I store up the rest. 

DR and I love sweet potatoes. The kids..not so much. Anyone have a great sweet potato recipe to win over my kids, not involving marshmallows, that you could share with me? 


  1. Interested in how you store them? In cool cellar?

    1. This is the first time I've grown sweet potatoes so I don't have any experience to share. All the Internet research I've done has said to set them out at a fairly warm constant temp 80-90 degrees for about 10 days and then store them in a cool place such as a root cellar. I don't have many to store so I'm hoping they'll just stay in my kitchen cabinet where I normally store regular potatoes. it might be a good idea, now that I think of it, to cook and mash them up and freeze them. A friend told me that any recipe that calls for pumpkin i could substitute sweet potatoes for. I'll keep you updated!

  2. And how long can you store them?


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