Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How to make a No Sew Clothes Organizer with the help of Subway Sandwiches.

I had a pretty busy crafting day yesterday. I made my FREE WEEDS sign and then after the kids were in bed I whipped up a clothes organizer for Yahoo. I figured I needed to make something for her since she's starting school in 10 days and I sure don't want to have a clothes fight with her every morning. 

I banged it out pretty fast! It probably helped that I was watching Supernatural. I'm hooked on that creepy show...doesn't hurt that Dean Winchester sounds just like my husband..HA! 

My kids and I love going to Subway but I don't really like all the kids' bags that come with the meals. I know they are supposed to be reusable but they are too small to be useful and they have odd handles that aren't easy to use. 

I took a pair of DR's old jeans and cut up the legs into rectangles. 

I saved the back pockets though. I have a whole stash of them because I know I can use them for something....someday. I just don't know what. 

Break out the glue gun!!! 

Dang! Where did all my glue sticks go? It wasn't too long ago when I bought a package of 100! 

Ah...now I remember..Yip's Iron Man! Man...I'm going to have to make that boy buy his own hot glue sticks from now on! 

Luckily I didn't need to much glue. I hot glued the raw edges under. 

Then I hot glued it over a hanger. 

After I cut off the bag handles I glued the bags on the denim. 

Not too shabby and all done before Dean and Sam salted the evil spirit! 

Hopefully Yahoo will flow with the idea and I won't have arguments every morning over what she's wearing to preschool!  

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