Saturday, September 20, 2014

Painting with The Peanut Gallery, otherwise known as "My Family"

I know, I's been forever since I've posted anything. 

I'm in a blogging rut....(I'll worry about that later..) 

Though a couple of weeks ago we had a GREAT family event!! My brother got married and our whole family came from Indiana for the wedding!! All my brothers and sisters, their kids and spouses, were in one picture! That happens only every 3 years or so...

( I LOVE this photo!) 

Most of us got together the week before the wedding and camped out at Lake Scott State Park. They have some really nice cabins. Not only did we camp out and climb hills and roasted marshmallows, we also had painting parties! We split up the guys and the girls because someone had to watch the kids while we painted! 

First two of my three sisters, my two sister in laws, mom, grandma and cousin painted outside in the campground shelter. It was great, despite the 95 degree heat and breeze. 
I've never had paint dry so quickly! 

Painting with these ladies was great! It was just as I expected it would be. They painted, asked questions, and came up with some really great ideas! 

Overall it was a great painting party! Very much like all my other painting parties. 
We painted a pasture with a barn, trees, a fence row and some flowers. 

But then the next day I painted the very same picture with the guys.....

...oh boy...

You know, sometimes when I host painting parties I tell folks that having a beer or a glass of wine before helps some people relax and paint. But I think my brothers took that advice just a bit too far. They came in pretty rowdy! (I had to have two beers right off to get through the night!!) 

Our family had rented two cabins for the week and we crowded the guys into one cabin for an evening of painting. 
My dad (on the left) and my three brothers... two Okie cousins who had just arrived. We didn't even let them eat! 
(Thanks for being a good sport guys!) 

..and my brother in law. Yeah, he painted a fish...I ran out of big canvases!! 
All that was left was a little fish.....whoops. 
(Yep...that's my crazy husband in the background ....I'm not sure what that face is all about!) 

I've done about 40 painting parties and they've always been pretty relaxing for me! I've always enjoyed teaching people and coming up with new ideas for paintings. I love working with people and helping them solve their painting problems. 

But painting with my brothers was not relaxing. They sure know how to rattle my cage! 
My brothers were "The Peanut Gallery"!!  I chugged two beers just to deal with all the heckling!  
Though they were loud which was a lot of fun!! Sometimes painters can be a bit too quiet. 
But not my family of guys !! 

I guess maybe I deserved it though....
I'm the oldest...and I guess maybe  I was kind of bossy growing up. Especially to my brothers. 
Heck I'm at least ten years older than all of my brothers so they probably got tired of me (a second mom) a long time ago. 

Maybe they got it all out of their system though. I sure hope so.
I'm not sure if I ever want to paint with guys again if guys in general act anything like my brothers!! 

I was proud of everyone though! For as crazy of a week that we had with all wedding stuff I thought the painting parties went really well. My whole family did a great job painting! 

Normally I take a group photo of artists and their paintings but we were pretty tired by the time we were finished and didn't get around to it. 
I'm hoping they will all send me pics of themselves holding their paintings...
...HINT, HINT!!! 

...(9/22) and my mom just sent me a couple more pics!! 

My brothers Mater, Mountain Man, John Deere and my dad. 

And my mom and two sister in laws (sorry, no cool nicknames for you two...yet!) 

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