Friday, February 7, 2014

Foody Friday - Indoor "Super Easy S'mores"

We finally received a good bit of snow this week!! I wouldn't call it anything serious, only a few inches, nothing like what my family in Indiana is dealing with....8 inches and counting!! But for SW Kansas a few inches and some wind was enough to cancel school for two days. It was too cold and windy to play outside...we tried! By day number two I was already worried that the boys were getting bored...EEEEK!!! Time to shake things up a bit.
On Pinterest I found a photo of Cast Iron S'mores but without instructions.
Time for a bit of experimenting.
Luckily I live two blocks from a grocery store! After a quick Arctic hike I had all my ingredients; s'mores stuff and butter.
First I preheated my oven to 300 degrees. You could probably go to 350 but my oven runs on the hot side. I greased my cast iron skillet, bottom and sides, really well with butter.
Pour in a package of chocolate chips.

Spread marshmallows evenly over the top. Then place in the heated oven. Watch carefully until marshmallows and chocolate are melted. It only took about 8 minutes in my oven. Then I put the skillet under a low broiler for 3 minutes to turn the marshmallows nice and golden.

The boys used the graham crackers to dip all that wonderful gooey goodness straight from the pan.

Yip was in 7th Heaven eating this, so much in fact he made himself sick by eating so much! Indoor s'mores...a quick little treat to break up the cabin fever!


  1. Well, that was just way too simple not to try! If we get the next round of snow that is forecasted to hit around noon tomorrow, I will try to make this for when the girls come in from their outdoor experiences! Trying to get back in the swing of reading my favorite blogs and even posting regularly! Gonna give it my best shot!

    1. well I'm glad you are back in the swing of things cuz I'm sure not!! It's been forever since I've posted anything!!! The snow looks heavenly (yes, I know you're sick of it) hope the smore's turn out well.

  2. Um... YUMMY! Also... I was reading the Teach Preschool blog, and noticed a little girl that looks JUST like Yahoo! Scroll down a few pictures and you'll see it!

    1. How funny, she does look just like Yahoo! That makes me feel guilty because I need to post more pics of all my kids! Ug, I'm so behind!


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