Friday, January 31, 2014

Bullet Points

Is there any blogger out there who actually gets all the blogs they want to write actually written and posted? I'm with my friend Lana....too many thoughts and too little time! In the little time I've found this morning my thoughts rambling too much to put down a concise, well written blog post (though I can't claim I actually do many of those well written ones anyway). So I'm taking a page out of another blogger friend's (Amy)book.....bullet points.

  • I'm often thinking of my Indiana family and hoping they are surviving the harsh winter. Though I'm sure they aren't enjoying it, I am enjoying their pictures of snow!
  • I have an eerie feeling that Kansas, warm compared to Indiana, may be in for their own awful winter. We've had snows, about 9, this winter but nothing too serious. HOWEVER...the old timers around here have been saying this winter's weather pattern has been just like the one back in 1950something where a blizzard hit in MARCH and there was snow up to the roof of the pharmacy. I even heard a story that someone drove a Jeep from the roof of one building, across Main St. to the roof of another building over the snow. Yikes!!
  • I am really tired of 3rd grade homework! Can anyone explain to me the rationalization behind timing a 9 year old on math facts...every night? I have one who has been in tears 7-8 times, not counting the times he's been merely upset doing homework. If I don't have a (justifiable) answer soon then we are done with the whole timing thing. I get more excited than the boys on nights when they come home from school with no homework!!!!
  • I've stopped dyeing my hair as of last April. Some days I love it and some days it bothers me, though not enough to start dyeing it again. Someday I'll post on this one a bit more.
  • I miss my Indiana family :(
  • I really miss my Indiana family :(
  • I have four painting parties scheduled for February!!! Yay!! I'm loving this but unsure how to keep it going. I'm definitely not a business person at all. I know I have to market myself and "get my name out there" whatever that means. I just don't know the first step to doing all that.
  • Making smoothies filled with spinach and leftover veggies but disguised with blueberries and orange juice is an awesome way to get my kids to eat green stuff!
That's about it for right now. No exciting weather patterns to speak of in SW Kansas. Just cold (only in the 20's but cold enough) gray and drab outside. I think tonight calls for a Movie Night and banana splits to liven things up!


  1. I like your bullet point post! I have heard that 3rd grade is the toughest year. Our oldest is in second grade, so I guess we will find out soon enough! I agree on the timing thing. They probably feel rushed so they can't concentrate.

    1. Last night we did all our math without getting timed and it was so much more relaxing!! AND they made no mistakes!

  2. 4th grade is our toughest year, but the math timing thing is a total panic attack for those who can't get the darned things memorized.

    There is more snow coming. I like it, but it is really screwing with my calendar an planning.

    I wish you were here to help me pick that %^&^%$ green color for our new addition. For some reason I cannot make up my mind. I would send pics, but the colors are always different. We will keep sending snow pictures I'm sure! That white stays basically the same! Just had an inch or so today to cover up the dirty spots.

    1. Keep sending pictures!!

      LOL...Sage is too tricky to pick huh?? NO, you wouldn't want my help...I'd probably pick something way too bright!


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