Friday, December 13, 2013

Grain Elevators and Snowmen

I've been busy, busy this week! 
Tonight I had my very first home painting party! I had so much fun. 
Miss Cassandra was a wonderful host and she picked a grain elevator to paint. I love this painting because it is much more low stress than some of the other paintings I've led. 

Another funny thing about this painting was how all the ladies were worried that their husbands/fathers would be picky about their paintings if they weren't just right since this is a painting of the elevator in our town...a site we all see everyday! 

Then Monday I also led two snowman painting parties! 

Let me tell you too, that having two sisters paint together can be just hilarious! 
These two sisters bickered and bantered and were great entertainment for me. 

These paintings have been great to do and I'm having so much fun. 

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